Friday, January 8, 2010

After the Holidays

I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We actually had a very nice time with family who came down from Sacramento, California. We always enjoy spending time with our family on the Holidays.

Still waiting for husband to get out of the Military so we can finally call a place "home".  I think it's gotten to the point where I really don't want to move anymore and neither do the kids. We all want to stay in one place.  Hopefully, my husband will get a civilian position he can slide into soon.

Well, as for my jewelry making, I temporarily placed my Etsy shop on Vacation until January 15. I have been catching up on all the things I needed to catch up on. I've been busy making a lot of  new jewelry. I plan on opening a new line of jewelry called:  Recycled Jewelry (Jewelry with a second life)

A jewelry line for people who like the idea of giving old jewelry a second chance before it is chunked in the garbage.In other words, old, detash jewelry is taken apart, and then recycled by completely making a new jewelry piece out of the old piece. (For example: If I have a plastic oval off of a necklace, I take it apart and attach it to a flower charm that was off of a bracelet and then I  attach any other loose charms etc. off of other pieces and create something new.)

All jewelry is given a good cleaning and All old earwires are thrown away in the trash and  "NEW" (Never Used) ear wires replace the old ones. So no need to worry about using used ear wires.  :)

Well, I will let you take a quick peek at a couple of my new creations that I haven't posted yet in my shop on Etsy. These items will be placed for sale after the 15th of this month.  :)  Hope you like them!