Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been along time-----Are we almost there yet?

Wow! March was the last time I blogged!  :(

Life has kept us busy with our upcoming military retirement and future move to a new state. I've been working on some new creations behind closed doors and excited about sharing my new creations once we are settled in our new home and state.

Lately, it seems all we've been doing is filling paperwork, applications etc.......We're almost done. Yeah!!!!

I'm  really excited about opening an additional store called: Treasures4School.  My new store will offer things such as decorated and altered school supplies, book marks, teacher's gifts, etc.  I will offer fun and whimsical supplies too!  I guess you'll just have to wait and see what surprises I'll sell in my future store.

I will definitely continue my original store called: LydiasTreasures4U in addition to my new store. I am so excited!  I love to create and I'm just having too much fun!   :)  I just can't wait to get to our new home so that I can get started selling items again!  

Blog later,

Lydia  ♥