Monday, March 1, 2010

My Etsy Store

I am so excited about offering these Jewelry Custom Making Options for my Customers. :)
I have revamped my store policies and offer more  great options for my customers.
Here are a few of the great options:

1.I Work on Custom/Bulk Orders-Looking for that one of a kind piece of Jewelry or are you in  need  of a few pieces of jewelry for friends, weddings, Bridesmaids etc.?  Please contact me on my Etsy store and we will discuss request. A 50% downpayment up front of total cost of item /items are required. Remainder of balance is paid once items are completed.

2. Do you have any Junk Jewelry that you can't part with and would like something new made out of it?
I can do it! I love to recycle, and refurbish old jewelry and make it into something new. Please contact me on my Etsy store and we will discuss request.

-----------If you can furnish me with all of the Recycled pieces you want used to create new item-----------
-- I  will only charge you for labor and shipping.
(Customer must pay shipping to and from)

-------------------If you can furnish me with Partial Recycled Pieces---------------------------------
Cost will be a little more due to me having to buy or look for other pieces on hand.

No need for surprises on either the buyer or sellers side. All jewelry will be shown to customers on a step by step basis via email. All steps will be pre-approved by customer before I proceed to next step. Once items are completed, customer will pay remaining balance.


Nice Hoop Earrings in my Shop

Love Hoop Earrings!
They are so popular and everywhere you look people are wearing them. Have a selection of hoop
earrings in my shop. Stop by and take a peek.  :)