Saturday, November 14, 2009

Working on my Jewelry

A picture of my self working on some earrings.  I usually don't wear glasses but I need them for reading or working on Jewelry.  :)  Presently working on some wooden earrings.  Almost done with them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Plans for today

Hmmmm...Today is Thursday and one of my easy days.  Just finished taking a trip to the Orthodontist with
one of my kids.  It was a very quick appointment....I like those.  In and Out.  Didn't have to wait in a waiting room for what seemed like an eternity.

I saw a big rock embedded in the ground as I was driving into our neighborhood.  Funny, I've walked by there so many times and hadn't bothered to notice it.  I think it will make a great prop for my jewelry so I parked my vehicle and took some pics.  Not sure how they are going to turn out but I do hope they turn out
well.  Not really sure what the neighbors who were driving by were thinking: "Why is the lady taking pictures of the ground?"  Haha.....I wasn't paying attention.  I was too busy trying to take some pics and the sun was so bright that I could barely see what was on the camera screen.

Kid's are back in school and the house is soooooo quiet.  :(  Wishing they had one more day off.  I guess I'll just have to wait till Thanksgiving when they have some days off from school and their busy schedules.

Well, I am going to make me a Salad for lunch.  I'm really hungry. 
Good bye for now,



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Everything finally coming together

Yeah!  I am finally getting this blog to look a little bit better.  I've really been busy making some jewelry, posting pictures, posting in forums, Twittering, Facebooking, My spacing etc. Amazing, I even got a little bit of housework and family time done in between.  Thursday is my non-volunteering day at the school so I hope to take some really nice pictures when and if the sun is out.

I Volunteer at a local school in a second grade class. I basically help the students with their seatwork if they need help.  It's amazing just how many kids start feeling sick whey they are about to start doing their seatwork.  Headaches, leg aches, stomach aches etc. are just some of the more common ailments that suddenly strike once the work begins. One question I get asked by at least 10 students every time I volunteer is:  How much longer before recess??? Interesting as to how seatwork can make kids ill immediately.

Yikes, I just remembered I've got to turn in my library book in tomorrow before I start getting late fees.  It's
 a pretty interesting book, though.  The book is about making jewelry out of  all kinds of left over material and then decorating your material beads with different mediums. Some of the necklaces illustrated in the book have some kind of  worry dolls and knick knacks hanging off of them.  One of the necklaces had small pieces of wood, ribbon, small bell, and other miscellaneous pieces. Pretty interesting.  Never thought about that! Some of the necklaces require that you use a sewing machine.

I don't sew eventhough I do have a sewing machine in my closet.  I think the very last time I took any kind of sewing was when I was in High School and took a Home Making Class.  I learned how to make a pillow and a skirt.  After unstitching and restitching the skirt about 3 times, I really began to dislike sewing. I think it was the elastic waist that was messing me up for some reason.  The good news is that I actually finished the skirt and got an "A" in the class. The bad news is that I never sewed again after that class.  Maybe, some day, I"ll try it again.  But for now, I'm not in a hurry to jump back into sewing unless something really captivates my interest.

Well, I have to go and check on a couple of things before I go to bed.  But for now, Goodnight!


Easy Day and much accomplished

Well, we were expecting a big storm coming into Florida this morning.  When we got up, there was no rain, hardly any wind and  it was not storming.  Hmmmm....the kids didn't have any school due to incoming storm, appointment at Hospital was cancelled so not much  was going on.

Kids and I enjoyed our day off.  We watched movies and hung out at home.  I got to finish my new jewelry creations that I had been working for a couple of days.  I finished 2 chokers and then took pictures of them.  I usually try to take pictures during the day.  I really dislike taking pictures at night because they always turn out orange.  Anyway, the chokers look vintagy and I really like them.  I make so much jewerlry that sometimes I want to keep a couple of my creations for myself but I don't. I am hoping to sell everything so that I can buy more supplies, make more jewelry and sell.  I am having so much fun!

Well, my daughter helped me get this website looking nicer but it's really late and I have got to go to bed.  I am soooo tired and it's really late.

Good night and God bless,
Lydia  :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Creations Today

I went to a local Thrift shop and found some awesome findings and brooches to use on my necklaces.  They

are so pretty I was so anxious to use them in my jewelry creations.  Here are some pictures of some of the new creations I made.